TABC was organized in April of 1971 as a non-profit organization to work for Texas anglers. The organization was and ever shall be dedicated to the preservation and promotion of our sport, the conservation of our resources, and involvement with our Texas youth for the future of our State. The main goals of our organization are to promote the sport of bass fishing through restocking programs, sensible aquatic vegetation control and proper management of our state’s resources. Other goals are to promote public interest in our sport and to become immersed in our youth who are the future of Texas bass fishing. TABC is a charter member of the Texas Outdoor Partners. a group of conservation organizations throughout the State, providing communications between anglers, hunters, and various outdoor enthusiasts, legislators, media and the Texas Parks and Wildlife department.


The 2020 State Championship Tournament on Lake Falcon has been officially CANCELED.

After speaking with the Chamber of Commerce in Zapata, many of the facilities will be closed, resulting in an unfavorable situation for the tournament to be held.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  The health and safety of our anglers, are our first concern.

TABC is still awarding three scholarships this year.  There are three scholarships available to help our young people, so don’t miss the August 15th due date.  For more information, visit our Scholarship page.

2019 TABC State Tournament Information

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